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Mansfield in Nottinghamshire has a great industrial past especially with clothing manufacturing. Today Ron Hill Specials is still living and breathing the words.
"Made in the UK"

Changing the way Running Club Shirts look and feel.

Running Clubs have never been short of passion but quite often the kits have left a lot to be desired.

We are very pleased to work alongside "Ron Hill Specials" for the manufacturing of our race day garments. The quality of the materials and precision sewing means we can produce a fantastic running garment, "but that is only one half", "DESIGN is the other". With the development of sublimation printing, a host of endless possibilities are now available. 

Here at Rosebank Club Kits we understand the importance of the club shirt. Our idea is to work closely with the clubs to enable us to bring out a design that their members are proud of.

Our team are all club runners and we understand the importance of clubs heritage and location and we see it as our job to help show this off in the design of a great club kit.

Let us help your running club put the passion into your club shirt

DSC_0841 1-edit-20230525170544.jpg
Tony Turner

Sales Director and Co-Ordinator.

Now runs with Hurricane Striders Lincoln after moving from Northwich Cheshire.

Favoured distance - 10-20k on trails in what ever time he can get there.


Jaynie Turner

Associate Director and Administrator.

Runs with Sandbach Striders and Northwich Run Club and several other Running Clubs around Cheshire.

Favoured distance - Any "I will run it all"


Graham Turner

Graphic design and visualisation.

Runs with Hurricane Striders Lincoln.

Favoured distance 10k in 42-52 mins.


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